Here is an opportunity to contribute to the development of Mahāpajāpati Monastery.

Donations made through the Paypal link to the right or via other means (such as check or cash) along with the message "For New Construction" will be expended for design, permitting or construction of new facilities at Mahāpajāpati Monastery.

Photo is shot from outside/ toward to south west direction on July 20th 2019

A concrete yard will be added.

July 20th 2019

Dear Dhamma-mitta/ Kalyna-mitta/ Upasaka,

It is a blessing that the extension project is processing well for the past 3 months.

We are grateful to the blessing of the Triple Gems in support for this project is going smoothly.

As the monastery’s spiritual leader/ Abbess, our dear venerable Bhikkhuni Ayya Gunasari is seeing very clearly the future of this Dhamma land will be a wonderful place of spreading Dhamma. With right effort and strong determination, she has instructed and led us to make more space in order to open an opportunity for more and more people come to contact with Dhamma, practice meditation, and  get instant benefits right in this very life.

After the building is done, it will be an elegant complex building with a public Dhamma library and meditation hall with a capacity of 35-40 yogis. It is much easier for people to learn and practice.

The major donors for this project are all friends and devotees of the monastery, especially Ayya Gunasari’s family, late Dr. Barry Paw (M.D.) and family, and Mr. Loi Tran, a generous Vietnamese devotee living in San Jose.

May the acts of supporting to spread the Dhamma be a great cause for leading you all to experience Nibbana-the ultimate liberated

To finish the construction nicely and get ready for Kathena, we are asking for raising a fund of $40,000 by the end of September.

We will be so grateful for your generous support. Thank you so much.

Triple Gems protect you.


With Metta,

Mahapajapati Monastery Stewards/ Dhamma Servants


On full-moon day of March, 19th April 2019, the construction has been started.

More information and photos of the construction will be updated here and on our facebook fanpage.

Photo is shot from outside/toward to south direction on July 20th 2019

White painting wall for a bright room

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