Mahapajapati Monastery is supported entirely by donations.

As a renunciant community, our needs are simple. But like any home or organization, we have expenses for food, property taxes, building and maintenance projects, liability and fire insurance, car insurance, car repairs, and gasoline, and we have regular monthly bills for electricity, propane, phone, internet, and trash collection. Please consider supporting Mahapajapati Monastery so that we may continue to dedicate ourselves to living the Buddha's teachings and providing a refuge for those who wish to visit, as well as for those who are inspired by our practice from afar.

If you would like to make a financial donation to support the monastery, you can pledge monthly or offer a one-time donation, in accordance with your means and inspiration.

May your generosity bring you lasting happiness. And may it provide the gift of Dhamma to all those who come in contact with Mahapajapati Monastery.

Checks drawn on US Banks are gratefully accepted. Please make checks payable to Mahapajapati Foundation, and send to PO Box 587, Pioneertown, CA 92268-0587

Electronic funds transfers in U.S. Dollars  may be sent to:


​Bank Address: 



Branch Address:  

Recipient: Mahapajapati Foundation

Recipient Address: 3368 Chaparrosa Rd, Pioneertown, CA 92268 USA

Account No. (General Fund): 

​Account No. (Construction Fund): 

​Rounting No.

 Bank charges us USD$15 for an international funds transfer. There are no charges for transfers from US banks. Transfer and currency exchange fees may be charged to the sender, depending on the sending institution.

The mahapajapati foundation is a religious non-profit corporation, recognized as a church by the state of california. all donations to the mahapajapati foundation are tax-deductible in the united states in accordance with irs code Section 501(c)(3). OUr EIN is 32-0212055.
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