​​​​Mahapajapati Monastery

​​​​​​​living the buddha's ancient teachings in modern times

The monastery has benefited greatly from the help of generous volunteers.

If you live close by and wish to offer service, two great ways you can do this are:

  • offering rides
  • shopping for groceries and bringing them to the monastery (we can reimburse you from our food funds)

We've also been grateful for people who have noticed that our buildings needed maintenance and offered to do the repairs for us. We can always use help with these sorts of construction and repair projects.

In addition, right now, there are some areas in which we lack expertise and could use assistance :

  • Sewing
  • Knowledge of green building options like solar systems and composting toilets
  • Architectural services—we are thinking of a future addition to the main monastery building

If you have other special skills that you think might be useful to us, please contact us to talk about them.